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  • 03/25/2022
  • 7:00 AM
  • 03/26/2022
  • 1:00 PM
  • Kingsmill Resort in Williamsburg Virginia


Virginia Society of Periodontists


Virginia Association of Orthodontists

in collaboration for a 

Special Joint Meeting

March 25th and 26th, 2022

Kingsmill Resort

Williamsburg, Virginia

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Dr. Vincent Kokich Jr.

Interdisciplinary Collaboration: An Approach to Optimize Treatment Outcomes for the Ortho-Perio-Restorative Patient 

Program Description:

Achieving esthetic excellence in the debilitated dental patient is one of the most challenging tasks an orthodontist will undertake.  These patients often require dental treatment to correct specific anterior esthetic and functional discrepancies. Unfortunately, many also present with treatment challenges such as missing or impacted teeth, severely worn incisors, esthetic concerns, and/or loss of periodontal attachment. As a result, properly planning and sequencing treatment can be challenging and typically requires a creative, yet collaborative, approach by the orthodontist, periodontist, and restorative dentist to achieve an optimal outcome. Dr. Kokich will highlight the orthodontist’s role on the team in developing treatment plans that will optimize esthetics, while still satisfying periodontal and restorative requirements for these patients. 

Learning Objectives:

After hearing this presentation attendees should be able to:

  • Utilize the interdisciplinary team when diagnosing and treating ortho/perio/restorative problems 
  • Establish realistic treatment objectives when treating complex interdisciplinary patients
  • Appropriately diagnose and sequence treatment utilizing a collaborative approach 
  • Identify the value of orthodontic treatment in order to facilitate the most conservative and esthetic restorative treatment

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Dr. George Mandelaris

Surgically Facilitated Orthodontic Therapy: An Interdisciplinary Approach 

Course Description:

Patients seeking ideal esthetics may require a more sophisticated diagnosis and treatment plan than what restorative dentistry or conventional orthodontic treatment may offer alone. In order to optimize esthetics and function, patients may choose to have the interdisciplinary team utilize orthognathic surgery and surgically facilitated orthodontic therapy (SFOT) to optimize conditions for homeostasis of the periodontal tissues and balance of dentofacial disharmonies. Surgical, orthodontic and restorative perspectives will be presented from a tooth-tooth, tooth-jaw, jaw-jaw and jaws-face context to challenge the IDT team to move beyond traditional therapies into a new frontier for enhanced outcomes.

Educational Objectives

  • To appreciate the limitations of restorative dentistry and conventional orthodontics in treating the patient with esthetic dental needs.
  • To review IDT diagnostic modalities critical to treatment planning of the interdisciplinary patient requiring restorative, orthodontic, periodontal and maxillofacial surgery
  • To discuss the role of SFOT in phenotype modification therapy and in the management of decompensating the skeletal malocclusion prior to orthognathic surgery
  • To present how SFOT can complement orthognathic surgery outcomes, ultimately ensuring esthetic and functional outcome success for the restorative specialist.

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